Pentago Mechanic - Multicolour in display 6 pack


$180.00 inc GST
1-50 in Stock

LIMITED EDITION - Multi colour pack in Display case - DISPLAY OF 6 ONLY

Same game as the regular Pentago Mechanic Item LL7004 without the boxed package.

Pentago is a fast and fun new board game, as easy as it is sophisticated.

The first player to get five in a row wins, but winning might be harder than you think. Every time you place a marble you also turn one of the game’s four boards. The ever-changing game board makes the game all the more challenging.
Pentago is easy to learn, but as hard to win as your opponent is skilled.
Place a marble, turn a board and hope that your opponent hasn’t figured out your strategy!

Age: 6 - 15 years

Players: 2


SKU LL7007
Brand Mindtwister

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