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Can you layer up what to wear this season?

The weather is acting out today: it’s like having 4 seasons in 1 day! Can you help get these figurines dressed for the weather? But watch out! The order in which you get dressed is important! The perfect puzzle game for toddlers based on the hit game Colour Code. Learn about colours, shapes, sequence, and orientation. Are you a person for all seasons? Download extra challenges online!


Step 1

Choose a challenge.

Step 2

Place the correct figurine tile in the display holder. Pick the colour and pattern tiles you need and stack them up one by one in the correct orientation under the figurine tile.

Step 3

You have found the solution when your composition matches the challenge exactly!


Inside the Box:

1 game holder/storage case, 8 tiles with coloured patterns, 4 tiles with figurines, booklet with 80 challenges and solutions

Age: 4+

Single Player


Brand SMART Games

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