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Next Station London   | Blue Orange Games

Spiel Des Jarhes 2023 Game of The Year Nominee.

You have been hired by the City of London to redesign their underground lines. Each turn, reveal a new station and create a railway section to expand your subway line.

Optimize the number of districts you connect, the tourist sites you access, and take advantage of the tunnels passing under the Thames River to score the most points. Sketch 4 underground subway lines and become the best railway architect in this fun flip-and-write game!

HOW TO PLAY: Next Station London is a flip and draw game using connections, line drawing and route building mechanics. In this game the city of London has commissioned you to redesign its underground network. You will need to optimize connections, serve as many sights as possible and exploit the tunnels that pass under the Thames while being careful to respect the specifications set by the city.

Each turn, reveal the next Station card, then draw a new section on your own sheet. Once the first line is completed, pass the color pencil to the player on your left and all player start working on their second metro line. Build 4 lines before counting points.

SKILLS:   Strategy


•     200 Sheets Scorepad
•     20 Cards
•     4 Colour Pencils
•     Illustrated Rules

AGES 8 & Up  | 1-4 PLAYERS


Brand Blue Orange Games

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